Swords for Everyone

"Magic is impressive, but now Minsc leads. Swords for everyone!"

I Mission Statement

The goal of Swords for Everyone is to create a safe space for people who struggle with disorders such as social anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. in which they can connect with like-minded individuals in a helpful, no pressure atmosphere. We want to cultivate an environment that impacts the lives of our members in a positive, meaningful way to create lasting friendships.

II Membership

A Recruitment
We started out as a guild for individuals who struggle with social anxiety, but we have grown to become more encompassing. We want our members to be willing to attempt to step out of their comfort zone to be able to get the whole "guild experience”, ie meet new people, play the game with others. If you struggle with social anxiety, general anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, OCD, schizophrenia, or other mental illness, then this might be the community for you.

We are looking for members who are 18+ years. We are looking for members who want to become an active member of our community and consider SFE their primary group. Please know that we understand that real life happens, and that real life comes first, and that we always make allowances for such situations; we want the best for all of our Members.

B New Members
All New Members join SFE in the New Member rank. This allows both the Member and the Community to have time to get to know each other and interact in a positive manner. We understand that not everyone will be a good fit, you may feel that we are not meeting your needs.
New Members will be reviewed and promoted after a 30 day period provided all the following criteria are met:
-Post an introduction on the forums.
-Check the forums at least once a week.
-Attend at least one event or participate in one activity with community members.
-Receive no warnings during trial period.
-Inactive New Members may be removed after their 30 day trial period.
-If you need to go for an extended AFK during your Trial Member period please inform an Officer and post in the AFK forums. Due to the nature of our guild and the content of our forums, we prefer to keep access limited to active members.
C Member and Veteran Ranks
Members can be promoted to Veterans on a case by case basis, determined by the officers and GM after reviewing the members activity and level of contribution to the guild.
D Officers
Officers are responsible for helping to maintain a friendly and SAFE environment, helping to organize and run events, boost morale, manage applications, invite new members, uphold the values of the Community, promote members and manage shared group assets (Guild bank, etc.).
E Expectations
We expect our Members to contribute in a positive manner and supportive manner. Members are encouraged to participate whenever possible in any way that they are capable of. While we kid and joke, we also expect members to behave in a respectful manner towards other members.
F Activity
We understand that Real Life always comes first, however, we do require a certain level of activity in order to avoid having to purge Members. If for any reason you need to go inactive, we ask that you post in the AFK forum to let us know what is going on. If you post in the AFK Forum, you will retain Community Membership for up to 6 months. If after that 6 Months you will not be able to return, we ask that you post again to keep us advised of your possible return. Inactivity of 4 or more months without a post and we will have to remove you from the community. If you have been removed due to inactivity and return to the game you are welcome to reapply at that time. 

III Communication

A Guild Chat
The Primary method of communication for all members of Swords for Everyone is and will always be in-game chat. We are an adult guild and there is no reason to censor or limit what anyone says, within reason. However, if you have a problem with another member, in-game chat is not the place to settle it. Calling people out publicly can and will only lead to embarrassment and emotions are likely to run high. Speak to an officer, one of them will be happy to step in and mediate to reduce any ill will.

B Forums (Community Website)
We have many different subjects on our guild website forums (swordsforeveryone.org), please feel free to join in on any and all of them. We maintain communication and organization through the community website.

C Private Messages
If and when privately messaging another member be polite and professional. Remember, once you hit send you can’t take it back!

D Voice Chat
Discord is the voice chat program that we use for many of our community events. Speaking in Discord is not required, but many events require being able to listen in Discord. Text to Speech is available via the Discord client, or a party/raid/instance/guild chat can be used.

E Forums (Third Party Websites)
If you are posting on any Official game forums, websites, or other websites and are wearing/claiming to belong to Swords for Everyone you are asked to remain professional , polite and respectful. We are a respected community and WILL NOT tolerate any of our members "trolling”, "flaming” or getting into verbal online confrontations with people. If someone behaves in this manner towards you, simply contact an officer and we will look into the situation. If we receive word of you behaving in this manner toward others you will be removed from the Community IMMEDIATELY.

F Public Chat 
If you are posting chat channel on a character that has the Swords for Everyone tag, the above listed third party forum/website rules apply. If you feel like you are being harassed, report the person through in-game channels, and if they are a member of the community, report it to an officer, as well.

G Unacceptable Behavior
1. Members will not partake in behavior that could be considered defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, sexually harassing (i.e. unwelcome sexual advances), or otherwise in community leadership's sole judgement is deemed inappropriate or harmful.
2. This behavior is unacceptable on all mediums of communication. Including the community forums, Enjin messages, in-game chats, or other 3rd party services.
3. In the unfortunate event that this has occurred, contact an Officer (Einheilar, Sardius, Tidefury, Steph, Lori, Mali, Raaben, Terraka, Bruticus or Nerse) as soon as possible.

IV Community Events
We run a wide variety of events, all we ask is that if you can make it please do. There is always the chance that you’ll make friends, learn something, teach something, or just generally have a good time. Events include but are not limited to WoW Raids (for fun or progression or otherwise), FFXIV raids, RP events, PVP Events, Meetingfest, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch or any other game-specific events.

A Raiding
We are not primarily a raid guild. New Members will have to be promoted to the Member rank before being permitted to join our progression raiding team.

V Community Banks
All Members are encouraged to take from the in-game bank as needed. We ask that if you take from the bank that you give back as you are able. Please be aware that taking from the bank for the sole purpose of selling the items in question on the auction house/marketboard/etc. is basically theft, and you may be removed from the community.

VI Application
Yeah, it's lame, but to make sure applicants have actually read through the entirety of this charter, we ask that that they choose the "Giant miniature space hamster?" option in response to the second question on the application ("Have you read and understood the guild charter?").